About Me

My name is Peter Kersting.

I’m an American voice actor living in Japan. I specialize in voice-over explainers and audiobook narration. When I’m not working you’ll probably find me globe-trotting through Asia, searching for the best coffee and the next gourmet food.  

As an entrepreneur, I know it’s not always easy to explain what it is you do, especially in a service-based industry. Explainer videos are a great way to simplify a complex topic while increasing engagement and interest in your business. That’s why I love voice acting for explainer videos and eLearning. I want to bring energy, clarity, and excitement to your customer base so they can quickly see how truly amazing your business is. 

In addition to being a voice actor, I’m also a content creator and host of Alone with Peter, a podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and digital nomads.

I’m passionate about quite a lot of things if I’m honest. I love learning from experts and artists in different industries and sharing that knowledge with others. Alone with Peter has been a splendid excuse to sit with some beautiful minds.

With a career spanning journalism, media, and education I’m excited to have stumbled upon my purpose as a business owner. Peter Kersting Productions specializes in voice-over services and brings with it all the skills I’ve acquired over a varied career in media, marketing, education, and hospitality.

Need help with proofreading, audio editing, or social promotion? I’m here for you. Reach out for a free, personalized voice-over quote today.